Welcome to my weekly recipe page!

This is the place to find new mouth-watering, easy to cook recipes packed full of flavour... once you've tried them I guarantee you'll want to cook them again and again!

Not only am I obsessed with baking, I love all things 'foodie' and not a week goes by without trying out a new recipe or experimenting with different flavour combinations. I'm not a chef - just an incredibly passionate home-cook who loves good food bursting with flavour. I heartily recommend that, like me, you support your local food producers, butchers and vegetable markets whenever you can - the difference in quality and flavour is clear.

Over the years I've compiled a recipe 'bible' of all my favourite dishes, and the ones that family and friends celebrate the most. With some 30 years of home cooking experience under my pinny I have plenty of recipes in my repertoire to tantalise any taste buds, and now I can select and share my range of traditional and fusion inspired dishes with you!

This page guarantees an incredibly delicious meal that takes little time to prepare... the perfect solution in an easy to follow format - saving you time that's better spent with your family and friends! So why not join me in the kitchen, get your pinny on and let's whip up a culinary masterpiece together!